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The only reason I can afford to cruise is thanks to my mom and a hot real estate market. She sold her house for close to twice what it is worth and moved in with me, but around the same time she decided she couldn't take most of the money with her so she graciously gave me and my brother a fair chunk of money. I did spend a little over $10G on new electronic toys (52" tv's are sweet!)/appliances/furniture, and a real bed (opposed to my flat as a pancake futon, which caused bigtime back problems!). I soon realized that if I wanted to start saving for retirement I would have to put over 50% of my take home income into retirement savings to catch up if I want to retire between 55-60. Once I realized that I decided to put the money aside in an account for as many as seven cruises. I am able to save a fair sum each month to cover expenses and spending money. I'll be able to take two cruises a year through 2011. The cost of airfare is going to really put a dent in my spending because as it stands air fare to Miami for me has doubled from 750 to 1500+, and that is economy!!!!!

After 2011 I'll drop down to one a year and should have enough to cover that and have some left over for the next year!!!!!

I sure wish they would develop Star Trek like transporters, it'd save a lot of money and time!!!!!

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