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Hello Cynthia dear,

Good to met up with you and Ron at our reunion, both myself and Harriet had a wonderful evening it was very emotional remembering all the good times we had during our crossing. The photographs of Ron and Coral
at the Black & White Ball were really excellent, trust Ron to get it wrong and dress up as Al Jolson, Coral looked very pretty in her long white gown, hopefully she will find somebody soon and get her of your hands. Is it possible to post any pictures on this thread I am sure that your many readers would like to see them?

Harriet and myself are thinking of booking the QM2 5 day trip to Hamburg in July any chance that you and Ron can make it? we could get on a table for 8 and hopefully meet some more people to join our little group.

Willhelm telephoned me yesterday he can meet us on shore in Hamburg during our stop over and will shown us the interesting sites - I made him promise that Gunhilda would not bore us with tales of her famous Apple Strudel,remember the long long nights in night club listening to endless tales of her prize entries, still it kept Ron quiet. How is his sleep walking? Harriet was in stitches when I told her about the night when we were all chasing after him down the corridor after he managed to get past the various obstacles you laid out for him.

Did Ron really win the quiz in the Golden Lion - is this the same Ron
who thought that Ramsay McDonald started the hamburger chain?.

I must go I am due on in 45 minutes and the orchestra can't start without a conductor.

Please let me know if you can meet in July

Happy sailing

Fried Eggs and Harriet
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