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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
Come on guys! Quit bashing my favorite ship You are calling her old, dirty and lacking in service. Let us not forget when put in service in 1988 she was then the largest purpose built cruise ship ever constructed.

Now at 20 years old, sure she has a few wrinkles, some smile lines, perhaps a gray hair or two. How would you like to if at 20 years old people called you old and dirty

Give the Sovereign of the Seas a break, sail on her and enjoy it since she won't be around much longer. Sure she is relegated to a 3-4 day party ship. But she is still elegant and quite beautiful. When she is gone you will be able to cruise on her younger sisters, the Majesty and Monarch.

Cruise Queen, are you with me on this
I may not be the Queen but I am with you anyways.

I sailed her in April and enjoyed myself. Then again I enjoy myself on every cruise.
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