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Increased airline costs are coupled with increased CRUISE FARES. Just check them out against what you paid just a couple of years ago.

As a combination of these, we have cut our usual three cruises per year to zero! We simply can't afford any ship/line/accomodations combination that we would like at all.

With oil prices so high, and with ships burning as much as they do, I really don't see what "perks" the cruise lines could afford to offer (without going broke) that would lower total costs enough to get us back onboard. As I see it, the problem is beyond the control of the airlines, the cruise lines, and me. And the problem is oil prices.

I do have a fearless prediction, however. Remember that in addition to chargine $15 to check a bag, some airlines charge up to $75 for the SECOND bag. I beieve we are seing the beginning of the end of formal nights.
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