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CQ - ****CONGRATS ON THE SOCCER WIN!!!!!!***** OOPS! Sorry you have to go till 6/20. I am looking forward to the last day of school because I change my work hours and work 4 10's rather than my 5 8 hour days!!

Kat - I will have to try that kind. I havent seen the 08 but here is the 07 list of Ohio Winery winners.
We have a 32' Carver yacht in Sandusky. What you see in these shots is what we get to look at every visit we make. I think we are on the cam 'Battery Park East' not too far from the entrance to the marina where the gas fill up station is. I love it up there. Not too sure on how often we will be going up with these gas prices. We were so shocked in the amount of traffic we thought we'd encounter last weekend. You would think Memorial Day, Cedar Point, and Indoor Water Parks it would be BUSY but the traffic was nothing. No different than an off season/locals only day. Sad!!!

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