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Default Re: Coba, Chitzen Itza and other Mayan sites near Cancun

Originally Posted by showcat
I'm planning a land trip to Cancun. I hear that you can no longer climb the pryamids at Chitzen Itza is that true? Leave to a couple idiot tourists to ruin it for everyone.

Has anyone seen the light show at night here? Is it worth spending the whole day here to see?

Has anyone been to Coba? Can you climb the pyramids there?
Any information about these sites or other Mayan ruins near Cancun is apresheated thanks.
Yes I have done all three. I can't add much more than what cozumelcruzing said other than I enjoyed the light show at Chichen-Itza very much. I would stay in the area one night for sure. Also enjoyed Coba, but not many modern facilities there and it is remote. You are in the jungle for sure.
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