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Good Morning!!! For such a short work week from the holiday, this has been one of the LONGEST weeks!!!!! :evil:

Bahama - 1st birthday!!!!! That is going to be so much fun. As a tradition, we would take a small cake and give it them to have their first taste and see what they would do. My oldest dove right into it, the middle very carefully with one finger ate the icing, and the youngest just wasn't too interested so we took her finger put it in the icing and then reassured her it was ok to do it again.

Crazysis - you are telling me. My oldest gets on that phone or computer and you can not get her off of it. It is getting down right ridiculous to get her off of either one. Thank goodness, I do have two computers in the house. Theirs and MINE.

Kat - we are going back up to the boat again this weekend. I think I'll suggest going up friday night after work that way we have a full Saturday and partial Sunday.

Hey everyone else, tomorrow is FRIDAY, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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