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Originally Posted by Hipshot
How can they be wrong if you bring the wrong documentation?

Obviously you didn't provide what was required otherwise you would have been allowed to board.

Do you live in OH by any chance?
See now... thats where we differ. I NEVER said during all this that we didn't make a mistake. We did. Unknowingly but.. that's a given.

But a viable OPTION was presented to us by the line to resolve the problem. And I feel we satsifactorly provided that option. They don't. In there lies the matter of interpretation. I don't think this is actually as cut and dry as one might like to think.

I'm really not twisting anything here. This is what happened. And so far... the only official answer I got to this situation is from a woman with something less than a pleasant attitude behind a counter at the pier apparently not willing to work with me as well as others as I came to find out. Did she have that opportunity to resolve this? I don't know. That's one of the things I'm trying to understand.

In any case. If I didn't think I had a legitimate complaint here, I wouldn't be bothereing you fine folks with it.

And no. I don't live in Ohio. 1074 miles round trip according to the handy dandy google maps. And you know what? It was within 1 mile! I was impressed!
What interpretation?
You admit that it is your fault yet the compensation offered (even so the cruise line is not at fault) is not enough for you?

Where is your accountability in this whole thing?

The OH remark was in jest.

Originally Posted by ragtiki2005
I would have taken the 75% offer. Lesson to be learned.
I agree. It was more than the cruise line had to do.
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