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Originally Posted by Ron n Jon
We find it a little disturbing that so many of the posters are so unsympathetic towards this man's predicament. As if they were never at one time novice travelers. Some perhaps even a little vindictive on behalf of the line.

Some leeway could have been made, no differently than when we went ashore and inadvertently did not take photo identification with us. We were prevented from reboarding until the matter could be resolved with security but the matter was resolved.

As customers of this line, we strongly suggest that they re evaluate the circumstances surrounding this case not only to review their own boarding systems but also to take into consideration the man's unique case.
I am not unsympathetic to the OPs predicament I am unsympathetic that he did not do research yet researches for a place to voice his discontent after the fact and I am unsympathetic that the OP feels that the cruise line owes him more than what was offered.

OP says I am a novice traveler and I screwed up but I still want to get my money back.

We were all novices at one time. When I started cruising I did not have the internet with its vast information available. I needed to make a gazillion phone calls to get everything in order. But I did it as many others.

And there is also a difference: I knew when I goofed up and didn't expect a hand out.

While I am very sympathetic that the OP could not cruise I am also a realist and do not agree that the cruise line is at fault here.

I do not play false PC (political correctness) just for the satisfaction of people who look for support disregarding their own short comings and do not hold much for accountability.

OP had RCI to help, a travel agent to help, the department of Homeland Security and the internet.
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