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Wow! Lets not get into any arguements here folks!

Ok let's nip this in the bud... Lets go back

I DID do my internet research and THOUGHT I had what was required. It was NOT the hospital certificate I presented but an official document from the state of Pennsylvania that said Birth Certificate on it. Where I went wrong was what I thought the actual certificate sitting in our fire safe box for many many years, was in truth only a legal notification from the state of Pa that it existed according to the fine print. Who knew.

That fact was pointed out to me only at the pier. And I'm not disputing that so lets put that one to bed. Clearly an error on my part. Not due to lack of internet research or RCI ok?

"OP says I am a novice traveler and I screwed up but I still want to get my money back. "

That's just not a true statement. I'm saying I provided the LEGAL OPTIONAL DOCUMENT THEY requested at that time as alternate proof to resolve this issue, but was denied boarding anyways only because of a minor formatting error out of my control. And some common sense and logic should of been applied here. That's all.

Look, FL_Cruiser64 I just feel this was handled improperly. Period. I'm here looking for knowledge & answers to help my cause. Not sympathy. And I'm looking for a reasonable solution to this issue. Not a hand out GEES! If I've offended you in some way by doing this, please accept my apologies. That was not my intention.
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