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Originally Posted by Hipshot
What do I want?

Simple.. A definitive answer.

I'm not convinced I was 100% at fault here. They provided me with viable options. I tried to produce to the best of my ability the documents they requested to resolve this at the time. They asked for my Child's State Certified Birth Certificate with a raised seal on it to resolve this issue. I produced that document. We should of been aboard that cruise. It's that simple.

But...They didn't like it by no fault of my own. And that decision alone cost me plenty.
And until I'm convinced that what I produced is NOT exactly what was required by them at the time, I intend to pursue this to a reasonable conclusion. Whatever that ends up being.

I don't think that is too much to ask.
No. Not THAT decision cost you. The fact that you didn't bring the required documentation cost you. RCI may just have tried to help you TO GET YOU ON THE SHIP.

Now you make it harder for the next person to get any help whatsoever.

Let me tell you that a faxed copy does not show a raised seal. To make matters worse it said that it was a 'certified copy'. There are different certified copies, some with a raised seal and some with a stamp, some without anything.

You are so focused to blame the cruise line while they were trying to help you that you totally forget that the only one responsible for proper documentation is you.

In my opinion, and thats what you asked for, you shouldn't get anything since you failed to bring and produce proper documentation. Everything else is just a mangled mess of an attempt to help a cruiser without proper documentation.

You didn't get insurance (which every CVP and every TA ask if you would like to have it).

The offer of 75% of a future cruise fare was an in kind offer which the cruise line does not have to offer. You should have taken it and called it a day and learn from that.

Wish you good luck.
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