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Originally Posted by Hipshot
Originally Posted by PH8
I would think a faxed copy of the certificate with a raised seal wouldn't have been enough.......after all, the seal doesn't "raise" on a copy...
BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASKED FOR!!!!! For cryin out loud.. WHY ASK FOR IT THEN? I PRODUCED IT!! I mean what was all this... an exercise in futility? Gees.. What part of this is not understood? It's not that complicated... why do we continue to twist this and make it something its not?

Holy CRAP! I feel like I'm back at the pier! ARRG!!!

Hey wait a minute... am I? Do you folks work for RCI or what?

I give up.... am I alone here? Man!
Do I have to work for RCI because I feel that the accountability lies with you? I don't think so.

I think you twist things. You just totally want to disregard the fact that you did not follow proper procedure and bring the required documentation but instead focus on some mambo jumbo which may or may not have happened at the pier.

I think PH8 just gave you something to read. It is pretty clear.
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