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I sail on the Imagination on June 20, right after we spent a whole lot of money on our wedding and ceremony. So, for the critics, in some cases it's not that a person is cheap, but broke. We're paying for the liquer for a full bar at our reception. Since we'll have leftover liquer, it would be easy to just pack a bottle or 2 of rum.

I'm a new to cruising, so bare with me, Now I heard they are now checking your carry-on and checked baggage. How well are they checking? And what do they check?

Also, how much is a bottle of rum on board?

It's my honeymoon cruise, so the critics need not waste their breath. We're down to the last of our total wedding budget. Plus, I have never been a stickler for rules that are based more on another person's profit than my safety.
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