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Ron n Jon,

Originally Posted by you
To Norm (Rev22:11)

As you have indicated and as we loose these treasured amenities and customs aboard the Princess Line there are alternatives.

We tried Oceania for two cruise, one around the Horn and the second up the Amazon to Manaus both lengthy adventures. But again one must weigh the pros and cons in finding an alternative. Both Oceania's Insignia as well as the Regatta were wonderful smaller ships. Their sumptuous decor is as one can imagine sailing in the days of White Star, beautifully appointed and impeccably clean. We spent the most relaxing of times in their elegant traditional Victorian library.

Unfortunately, with this came such things as the total loss of formal nights, no set dinner seating and unacceptable bar service (another posting). One pays a premium price for Oceania, and their ships and itineraries warrant that, but the loss of the traditional social deportment is a disappointment. Again, a world of choices.
Yes, there are choices -- you have to shop around for a line that provides what you want.

If you enjoy the "formal" evenings, have you tried Celebrity Cruises? Celebrity still maintains the tradition of dressing up, with both "formal" and "informal" evenings. I have found Celebrity to be very close to what Princess was a decade ago.

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