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I know you said that you are down to the last of your wedding budget and that people should not waste their breath, but I will anyway - no matter how you try to justify it (whether with the "they may not carry my brand" argument or "they make enough money on other things that it won't matter" argument), carrying liquir on board is against the cruise line's policy and is wrong.

In your post you made it a point to mention that you "spent a whole lot of money" for your wedding and ceremony and that you are "paying for the liquer [sic] for a full bar at our reception". This is quite gracious of you (although, in my mind, this is what a host does when inviting guests to a function).

I am assuming that there was not a gun to youir head when you elected to spend all that money? And if not, can we also safely assume that the decision to go on a cruise was also made of your own free will and not under duress?

The point is, no matter how you choose to describe it, you are in fact carrying alcohol on because you don't want to but it on board - claiming "hardship" is really a bit of a stretch when you are already spending all that money.

You may not agree with it, you may think it is a foolish rule but it is, nevertheless, a rule. The fact that you are not a stickler for rules that you may not see the sense of is really irrelevant and in fact demonstrates that you are indeed young and have a great deal of growing up to do.

Enjoy your honeymoon, but don't try to rationalize your behavior because you don't agree with the rule.
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