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Definately take your pain meds from home. (you want to be sure you are
getting the proper medication) plus it will be cheaper to have the scripts
filled at home rather than out of town. We were in Florida years ago when
our children were small and my son had a terrible ear infection (probably intensified by the airplane ride).. My MIL's
family doctor saw us (fit us in) but charged me $ 200 for the office call
and $ 125 for the meds. and that was in the states. (My insurance did
reimburse me later).

My husband came down with Montezuma's revenge while on a Princess
cruise in the Caribbean - no charge for the dr. visit or meds - as there
were other passengers suffering with the same thing. But he WAS quarentined to our cabin for 72 hours. Thank God for the balcony !!!

By the way, unless we are dying with the above - I am not going to
call the ship's doctor. I will just bring along the proper meds in case.
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