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I have sailed the Grand Princess a couple of times and enjoyed both cruises very much. Admittedly, I have not sailed the Princess Grand in a few years so I can not offer any opinions on her present condition. I can only compare many Princess cruises to my last Celebrity experience and state categorically that the maintenance and reliability of Princess ships is for me far superior to what I encountered on Celebrity cruise ships. I am sure that all cruise ships have their shortcomings in one thing or another, but nothing could match my experience on the Celebrity Summit. After my cruise on Celebrity, I found out much to my surprise that the ship has an inherent design defect that causes the propulsion system to fail from time to time. This "problem" has resulted in many delays, missed ports and even cancelled cruises for tens of thousands of passengers over the years. With over half of what should have been a cruise of a lifetime to Alaska for us, skipped, because of this same propulsion problem that has also caused many problems on the Celebrity Infinity and Millennium ships, I now attach a lot of importance to the reliability and honesty of the cruise line that I select.

So for me, I am going to stick with a reliable and honest cruise line like Princess for all of my future cruises.

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