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Ok lets put it another way.

Say the next time you present your passport, A LEGAL document that should be acceptable. All of a sudden they deny YOU!!!

Even though you KNOW its all legal, they are denying you for a wrong character, a missing letter, whatever technical error you want to come up with. Would U be visibly upset? Of course you would. Why? Because its a legal document, you know its ok, and it was approved by the entity issuing it.

And now besides, just because the LINE just doesn't like the look of your passport, not only are they gonna deny you boarding, but keep your money besides! It wasn't YOUR fault they didn't like the document, you did the right thing, you didn't make it, but your taking the hit anyway.

Gee who WOULDN'T be upset!

Well the same thing happened to me. I presented the legal document THEY requested as a option and was denied simply because of a percieved formatting issue that was already approved by the legal entity issuing it.

Same Senario. Just a different document.

If you not going to accept the legal document you request, then simply DON"T MAKE IT AN OPTION!

NONE of this would of been an issue if I would of never known about it. I would of just went home shaking my head wondering why I was so stupid.

But I didn't come up with this idea........ THEY did! Then they did not accept it when it was presented to them. Not because it wasn't legal. But because of its interpretation. It's that simple.

NONE of this would of happened if THEY simply didn't make it an option! And they shouldn't have if they were not going to accept it anyways.

Was the document legal? YES! At least according to the state of PA. The entity issuing the document. But the LINE interpreted it otherwise.

So would your passport be legal as well? Umm..
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