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Originally Posted by PH8 just dont get it.,..and no one on here seems to get thru to you., good luck getting all your money back and THEN some for ALL your inconvenience
Well your right about one thing... Somebody doesn' get it.

Anyway, My whole intent here was to gather infomation to support my cause. Not get into a political debate. And even though a few of you disagree with me, I somewhat accomplished that goal. Some of you actually presented me with some helpful information and points. And for that I'm grateful.

And even though some of you were stubborn with your positions, you were still unable to convince me I was wrong. And even though it wasn't your intent, that was helpful in it's own regard. Because if YOU couldn't convince me after as hard as you tried... well, maybe I have a chance to resolve this with the line afterall.

Again thank you to all. 8)
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