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Originally Posted by Trip
bumped, for Katladys advice
These trees like San Francisco climate. In fact one of the rarest types of Manzanita tree grows at the Presidio. It's the Raven's manzanita
"Only one single plant existed as of 1987. That plant is located in the Presidio. Since 1987, a number of clones have been propagated from cuttings off the parent plant and have been planted at several sites around the Presidio."
They also like Big Sur (Near Santa Cruz as April pointed out).
Lassen Volcanic National Park, and Big Pine, California. To name a few.

For purchasing the branches these seem like the cheapest websites. You can get them sandblasted or with the natural red color. I like the red. I think Save on Crafts has the nicest ones at the best price.
Same site different webpage.
Same site different webpage
I hope that helped.
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