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Default And now I see why

forums like this get such a bad name at times. The back and forth bantering can get to be too much. Yes there are always going to be differences of opinions and people disagree This thread has gotten out of hand with the personal attacks. Yes the proper id paperwork was not brought to the pier. With a passport this would not happened. I blame most of this on the TA that failed to do his/her job. Unexperineced travelers this this couple need all the help they can get. I'm sure any new experince that you folks have such ass traveling overseas for the first time makes you a little unsettled.

The cruiseline never should have asked for a copy of a childs BC if it was not going to accept it. So I can see his point too. I would have been upset as well if I was in that position.

Hopefully this can be resolved so that the couple can enjoy a nice cruise. With a 75% discount on a short cruise to the Bahamas it will only cost out of pocket $50-75 per person.

Everyone should move on and start a new thread and let this one die off into internet heaven.
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