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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra
I have sailed the Grand Princess a couple of times and enjoyed both cruises very much. Admittedly, I have not sailed the Princess Grand in a few years so I can not offer any opinions on her present condition. I can only compare many Princess cruises to my last Celebrity experience and state categorically that the maintenance and reliability of Princess ships is for me far superior to what I encountered on Celebrity cruise ships.
We too have experienced major ship design problems on other lines from propulsion failures and missed ports to the most obnoxious where the sceptic storage facility exhaust was adjacent to an internal air intake. We have also encountered things like ship personnel rifling our packed luggage in our own cabin to being advised of a passenger suicide. All conditions that have taken us back to Princess time and time again.

That said, there is a transition occurring in the cruise business where customary service and quality amenities are being forsaken and lost, this no less with Princess. We may agree that Princess is a better line, but not to the degree she was for I believe that her current business practices are being directed towards the lowest common demoninator.
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