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Originally Posted by jhearty1
The cruise lines are suggesting that you get a passport. That probably would have solved your problem. But I do feel sorry for you!
Yeah I realize that ... Hindsite is of course 20 20.

I'm obviously straightening that out but it wouldn't help me a bit at the pier that day.

Ya know... if they were not going to accept the alternate document they suggested & requested to solve this when I produced it, I wish they would not of asked for it in the first place. Or even gave me the idea. That's just wrong.

I mean I feel that if the document was Legal and approved by the entity issuing it, why would it not be acceptable at the pier when they request it?

Because of a formatting issue? Please! That certainly is not MY fault! Take it up with the state! GEES!

Some common sense should of been applied here. That's all.

But thank you anyways..
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