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Default Re: And now I see why

Originally Posted by Roynala
forums like this get such a bad name at times. The back and forth bantering can get to be too much. Yes there are always going to be differences of opinions and people disagree This thread has gotten out of hand with the personal attacks. Yes the proper id paperwork was not brought to the pier. With a passport this would not happened. I blame most of this on the TA that failed to do his/her job. Unexperineced travelers this this couple need all the help they can get. I'm sure any new experince that you folks have such ass traveling overseas for the first time makes you a little unsettled.
I disagree. I do not see any personal attacks.

I do agree with you that the fault lies with the TA (and of course the OP in my opinion) and the OP should use this as a learming experience. But OP does not. He defends his point that the cruise line owes him more than what they kindly offered. And that is the point of contention.

Originally Posted by Roynala
The cruiseline never should have asked for a copy of a childs BC if it was not going to accept it. So I can see his point too. I would have been upset as well if I was in that position.
I agree for the simple reason that now the OP has yet another excuse to deflect from the initial problem of not bringing the correct documentation in the first place. In all fairness if you read this thread it became all about what the cruise line asked for in the second place not the original documentation.

Just because the cruise line asked for that document they do not have to accept this if it contains erros such in spelling and format.

Originally Posted by Roynala
Hopefully this can be resolved so that the couple can enjoy a nice cruise. With a 75% discount on a short cruise to the Bahamas it will only cost out of pocket $50-75 per person.
I agree again. But as you can read: it is not enough for the OP.
If he would have simply said " I screwed up and the cruise line was so nice to give me 75% of my next cruise fare" This thread would have been gone and dead.
Originally Posted by Roynala
Everyone should move on and start a new thread and let this one die off into internet heaven.
I agree and see previous paragraph.

In conclusion: There are just complaints and unjust complaints. Period! In this case the OP violated instructions on required documentation and regardless of what happened afterwards it is simply the OP's fault and he should not be entitled to anything. The cruise line still offered 75% off the next cruise and he/she should have taken it. If he would attempt to board an airplane with the wrong documentation he would have gotten null.

I also look at it in the broader view of things. Any type of unwarranted compensation request is a step to the possibility of fraud on a larger scale.
A case like that could easily open the possibility for other cruisers to cancel cruises purposely right at boarding time by intentionally bringing wrong documentation and expecting a full refund. The purpose of a final payment date, penalty phase and insurance or not would be rendered mood. It would make it harder for any cruise line to plan ahead, service will get more expensive or reduced.

We've read many cases where cruisers couldn't make the cruise after final payment dates for various reasons and they were either lucky to have purchased insurance or unlucky because they didn't and they were looking for ways to get their money back even so it was within penalty phase.

What is the backlash? Those cruising will pay the price eventually.

Is that so far fetched? Not at all. Taking cash out of the casino for the purpose of getting double points on an RCCL Visa, just to turn around and use same cash to pay off the credit card and use the received RCCL points as OBC, while at the same time avoiding a credit card cash withdrawal fee, once began with one person. Since the RCCL Visa Reward is not that old we are looking at a few years. This type of behavior became so popular that RCCL is now forced to add 3% cash withdrawal charge (see live report from Radiance on the other forum) thus hurting all those who used the cash for its intended purpose - to be used in the Casino.

With the internet a practice like that spreads like a brush fire and in no time people will get the hang of it and the reason for rules are rendered obsolete.

I am not sitting here and let complaints like this one just fly by because I am expected to show compassion for something which is definitely wrong and could hurt a product I like in the long run.

I am utterly surprised at some opinions that it is OK to just complain without being accountable and when those opposing it are either called employees or cheerleaders and the attempt to quiet them is made.

Are forums only available to those who have unjust complaints?
Are those threads only good and valuable if one agrees with unjust complaints?
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