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Hey Gang!! The day is almost over but the last hr has been HORRIBLE!!!!!!

Anyway, because someone in a gov't office in another area of the country did not do something so one of my officers could travel, we're now trying to play God and everything else so he can travel on Monday!!! Has to do with funding etc. it's a mess and I'm ready to reach out and let her know what I think about her!!

And, the weather is about to go south, we're under a tornado watch for the rest of the day/evening. The river that runs on the east side of town is about ready to go out of it's banks, plus all the other low lying areas will get hit with high water as well.

Ok, now to something better. Talked to DD today and she's doing fine - she said that her DH said that the baby is now taking his first steps and he's video taped him so he's sending that to her. Plus he's starting to gibber a little, when daddy says what does the duck say, Noah says" cack, cack - so he's going to try to get that on video as well for her. So needless to say, talking to my DD made my day - hadn't talked with her for a week, so Mom was getting a bit nervous!

Ok, better get back to work and see if we got money to send the officer on his way.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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