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Repsol Rod,

Originally Posted by You
I read through your list and most of the responses. Wow - that's quite extensive! I take it you're a man who appreciates order and due process. I'm right there with you brother, but I also like to live on the edge. As the years go by I find I'm becoming more and more adventurous.
My packing list is substantially smaller than yours though it still contains everything I'll need for the 7-day span. I'll be taking the absolute necessities sprinkled with a few surprises. Seems I've become quite adept at squeezing 6 gallons of water into a 5 gallon bucket.
My bag of choice will be a full sized Samsonite and I suspect I'll be able to fit everything I need with room to spare.

Packing lists will vary from passenger to passenger. I would suggest, to one posing the question, to start with the "givens" and then add to those as space and weight allow. And also to take some time to do this. Packing at the last minute is what gets us all in trouble.
I really doubt that lifestyle -- living "on the edge" or not, for example -- has much impact. Note that the lists in the OP are for a cruise of fourteen (14) nights, so one would cut everything in half, rounding resulting fractions upward, for your cruise of seven (7) nights. Additionally, one can drop the attire for "formal" and "informal" evenings if one's cruise line does not hold such evenings.

And as noted in the OP, these lists are intended as a starting point for beginners that most people will tailor to match their own preferences.

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