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Originally Posted by TravelBugs
Can you be more specific in other negatives you noticed with the ship?
I'm hoping you have a list of positives, too.
Some of our comments were address to [sweety51pie] above. We have sailed Princess from Sydney to Vancouver, from Beijing to Bangkok from Copenhagen to New York via Iceland and Greenland,we’ve sailed through the Baltics up to St. Petersburg, through the Panama Canal and all through the Caribbean many times. Princess is our line. That is our positive. But watching the decline in service is the reason we are posting. We have spoken to senior service staff who tell us they can't wait until they retire. They see what is happening and they are not happy about it either.

We place the blame on poor wages and income for the staff. An infamous line comes to mind from travels way back when people in the Soviet Union said "The government pretends to pay us and we pretend to work". We have no qualms about tipping, for we do so over and above what we feel should be called the mandatory daily service charges. As posters point out, with the ever increasing fuel costs and the corporate bottom line, something has to give. In this case it has been the cuts in service, food, amenities, all so that the general public may yet afford to board the fleet at these rock bottom prices. I think we all know what economy awaits us just around the corner. When we, who have know the wonderful service and delights of Princess decide that what they offer currently it is no longer what we want and the general public cannot or will not spend the current asking prices, who will sail with Princess then? We advocate raising prices to bring back the service we knew or, at least not allowing service to decline any farther. That can only happen if any additional revenue is directed to the staff and employees of the line who are the backbone of that business.
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