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First, it's worth its weight in gold now so get your passport immediately so that you never have to go through this again.

Second, we live in your sister state New Jersey. In order for us to get new licenses, a female needs to provide the following:

a digital birth certificate from the municipality - not the hospital birth certificate
a digital marriage license from the municipality in which you were married, no matter the location
if you're divorced, you need your judgment of divorce
a residential utility bill with your full name and address on it
your old photo license (don't ever throw your old one out)
amongst other things - it's a point system

you will need the top three items for a passport too but doublecheck the requirements....

I would have been inconsolable if that had happened to me. I fault the person who told you you didn't need a passport. Passports make traveling so much easier these days.

Don't feel bad though, we're taking our granddaughter in October and there are documents that we need to travel with her in addition to her passport....
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