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Originally Posted by jimt
I got it now, you are complaining about Princess in general and not specifically about the Grand Princess.
Although what must be happening throughout the Princess fleet does happen on the Grand, it is the ship that I refer to. When a waiter aboard the Grand tells me that I had better place my order for desert now with my meal or I wont be getting any, I think Grand. I know it's Princess and I know why he is doing that but it is aboard the Grand. When you find disposed of printed matter in your cabin from TWO cruise ago, and that happened on the Grand; when you walk into one of the public washrooms and the sight of it makes you almost physically sick, and that happened on the Grand; when they lie to you that you have no news television because you are out of range of the satellite and that happens on the Grand; when sheer volume of music turns you out of a bar to save your hearing and they tell you there is absolutely nothing that can be done, and that happed on the Grand then yes, I refer to it as being the Grand's problem though as we have discussed, it is Princess', and probably one shared with other lines these day.
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