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First, I'm sorry your cruise was ruined whoevers fault it was, nobody wants to miss out on their vacation.

But I have to say, I'm kinda glad to know that R.C. didn't let you on. You state that your not terrorists, and Ibeleive you, but I also don't know you. You provided the alternate documentation, but for whatever reason, it was not to their satisfaction. That satisfaction was indeed out of your control, but the fact still remains.

I would not want to be on a cruise or a plane with a couple who was let on without satisfactory documentation just because they looked like a nice old couple just trying to have a nice vacation. Unfortunately the world is a very crazy place and we just can't take any chances.

And jusst out of curiousity, didn't you ever need your bc, the one with a raised seal, even to get you driers license?
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