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Originally Posted by LisaK
Hipshot i am just curious as to the fact that if you felt that you had all the proper requirements eventually in your possession WHY oh why didn't you persue the issue with a supervisior, that is your RIGHT no matter what anyone at the check-in desk might have told you.
Well of course I DID ask for a supervisor and was told no one else was available. We worked all day then packed and got done late. We got 90 min sleep before we got up at midnight and made the 10 hour drive to the pier. We were fried. My goal.. at that point was to just get on the boat, find a chair, a drink and relax! I wasn't prepared for this nightmare, and I just wasn't that coherant at that point in time. And frankly after 3 hrs. of this insanity... I was no longer thinking as clearly as I should have. When she said one else was available, I realized at that point any more attempts were just futile. Especially when I said to her, there is just no way we're going on this cruise today is there? And I got that subtle little smile as she walked away.
At that point, I gave up and went into salvage mode. I quit trying to get on. Hindsite is 20 20. In retrospect, maybe I should have gotten loud and demanded a second opinion. But she said it was the wrong document and there is a different one. Who was I to say differently. I'm not the expert. Only when I got home and rexamined the documents did I realize it WAS the origional certified copy and there WAS no other document! I mean it said it there right on it! "This is a certified copy of the origional birth certificate on file with the state of Pennsylvania" But I was just too exhausted and I didn't catch it. And apparently she didn't either. And unfortunately, she really didn't look too excited about resovling the issue at that point anyways.
Live and learn..
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