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Default Here's a gripe for ya!

Having scrolled through dozens of threads, on this forum and others, I've found there are several topics that are real hot buttons. Discussions can be quite spirited spawning a broad range of opinion. The anonymity of this medium gives the user a certain level of assertiveness which allows for a great exchange of ideas but it's also all too easy to abuse.
My gripe is those who state their preferences and then dismiss all others as absurd.
Fact is fact but opinion and preference are absolutely inexact. It is understandable that one's view may be argued very passionately - I'm a proponent of that - but not at the expense of someone else.
Is it too much to ask to exercise a little common courtesy when addressing your fellow cruise mate?? Hold onto what you believe but please don't beat someone else down just because they don't share your opinion. Diversity is the spice of life. Let's celebrate the fact that we're not all cookie-cutter drones.

Controlled and deliberate input, lest you chuck it all away!

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