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In this day and age, passports are your best option for the least hassles. It use to be you could go to Niagara Falls with no documentation requried, whereas now I have passports for all of us and take just in case. Even though I'm married, the kids and I share same last same, every time I take the kids over without my husband, the passport control always ask where he is.... and that seems very weird to me... You never know what they will ask these days.. We almost had our car searched last time as daughter had a huge box of stuffed animals they were questioning....

Its just a much more cautious world these days post 9-11 and nothing is going to turn back time to pre 9-11. My six year old son had to get patted down in special screening at the airport (he looked so scared standing there spread eagled) because he ran up and hugged me when I was pulled aside for special screening. Because he touched me, he had to be screened too. At the time, I was kinda pissed about this.

Still, I vote for all the extra precautions in general... However, on an individual basis, sorry your cruise was messed up
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