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DB, I'm referring to this entire web-based form of communication.
I agree there will be knuckleheads that hide behind their keyboards - I'm just asking why does it have to come to that? I've posted many times on subjects that I knew would draw very different views - and was prepared to accept the responses I suspected I would get. But when someone posts to intentionally cause discord - well, I have a problem with that. Here's a for instance:

Contributor A I'm thinking about taking my green widget with me on my upcoming cruise. What do you all think about green widgets?

Contributor B Hey, I have a green widget too. I say go for it.

Contributor C Widgets don't go over very well on a cruise. You should probably leave it at home.

Contributor D I hate widgets. :evil: What doofus would even consider owning one of those?! Anyone with a green widget is an idiot! Completely out of their mind!! [/i]

Contributor A Hey guy, take it easy. I happen to be very fond of my widget. I'm not planning to go lambasting everybody with it. I see others with widgets and would just like to be able to enjoy mine on my vacation.

Contributor D All you people with those widgets make me sick. Every time I see one of you on my vacation it just ruins the whole thing for me. :evil: If you're going to bring your stupid widget with you, you should choose another line to sail on!

And so on and so on...

Contriubutor D's tone simply isn't necessary. It's evident the subject of widgets has struck a nerve but opposition can be presented in a courteous manner. "D" can make his/her point without calling all widget owners idiots and talking down to them.
Agreed, this virtual chat medium isn't the "real world" but the exchanges that take place here come from real people.
Just because I can pummel someone with a few keystrokes shouldn't be an invitation to do so.

Controlled and deliberate input, lest you chuck it all away!

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