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Let me say AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Remember when I told you the story of the office mate always interupting me? For the past two days, I can not seem to get her away from my desk. She is not doing a darned thing except for complaining about her daily events of trying to get her house roofed and guttered.

So, do I finally say something to our boss that is is now really beginning to effect my ability to get my work done? She is the "golden child". I am at my wits end with her!!!! Yes it has been more that enough at work lately. Thanks for letting me vent to you all. I just can not stand it anymore. I have all these projects I need to finish up but having a constant interruption is just #%^#@!!!!!!!!

Give me a Double Tea!!!!

Kat, enjoyed the video. Sure wish I could watch it while I was at work; maybe that would have helped my mood!!!!

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