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Yes. They do indeed offer breakfast service for deluxe verandah suite guests... at least they did on the Maasdam. My wife and I were on the Maasdam for two cruises, one in August 2007 and the other in April 2008. The first time we didn't know about this service and missed the opportunity, but only learned about it on the April 2008 cruise. We went almost every morning to the Pinnacle Grill for breakfast... and there's no extra charge. I did ask the maitre 'd why they didn't advertise it as one of the perks for a deluxe verandah suite guest. He simply said that they don't mention it because they want most people to go to the Lido Restaurant or main dining room and it's hard to staff up or down in the Pinnacle depending on who might or might not show up any particular morning... making the level and quality of the service unpredictable.
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