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Default Re: Grand P not so grand?

Originally Posted by St Pete Cruiser
Did you have rough seas besides the one tender port? Any problems with any of the ports, especially Brazil & the African ones? ... Now after reading your posts, I don't feel as bad about not going.
Sorry we missed your questions until now. As we indicated the cruise itself i.e., ports of call and general social comaraderie was excellent. Fortalaza was an eye opener on the urban life of Brazil for we had only been exposed to the interior. Great port, great city and great people. Dakar, being a much smaller and economically deprived city was a bit of a shock for our first footsteps on the African continent. But like most ports a "has to be seen".

The voyage across to Africa was calm, contrary to some predictions we were given, and thankfully the days at sea were taken up with social activity for we had no way of knowing what was going on in the world.

After our critique, people who know us will have little problem understanding that we are booked on the Crown for the Orient, for to us its the ports of call that outweigh the conditions aboard the vessel. We just wish we could have had both. And thank you richstacy, we have sailed HA before and are looking at yet another.
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