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"Etiquette is a dying art " well it is in the world of the internet, cheap, easy and anonymous as I said.

Bet those that do react in this way would never think of doing it ‘face to face’ with the person that they are responding too,,,,,,,,mmm so much bravery in having a keyboard.

God knows how many wimps or vocally socially inadequate people out there think they have now found and have an opinion in life, one that has no personal repercussions for them. God bless the internet and web boards for their voice

You can believe it in your head, you can then write it, but if you would not say it face to face to the other person,,,your kidding yourself, 8). So who’s fooling who?

Having an opinion on a subject is so different from just posting to have just a dig,,thats what they forget
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