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Default Crowded Ports

What port have you sailed to, that was so overcrowded with passengers, that you wished you had stayed onboard? I know in St Thomas, the goverment will shut down the main street to cars, when many ships are in. When I resarched an article for CM, I think the highest ship count in for St Thomas was 12. For, me this was the most crowed I have I have been to.

I know for many people who have been to the Caribbean, numerous times, sometimes, they just opt to stay onboard. New cruisers wanting to get off, may find some islands quite crowded. More so, when the Oasis Class ships start sailing with soooo many more passengers!

A friend off the Freedom ta, and, summering in Italy, told me just how crowded everything was there as well.

What port have you sailed to, where the amount of people was just overwhelming? Being a toursist, I guess we're all in the same boat. pun intended:)

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