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Originally Posted by Fern
Here's one that's been used for a while:



I (we):_____________________________________________ _________________

authorize my/our minor child(ren):_______________________________________ ____

to travel to:_________________________________ on:_________________________

aboard Airline/Flight Number:________________________________________

and/or Cruise Ship:_____________________________________________ with:

__________________________________________________ __________. Their expected

date of return is _______________________.

In addition, I (we) authorize:______________________________________ to consent

to any necessary routine or emergency medical treatment during the aforementioned trip.

Signed:_________________________________ (Parent)

Signed:_________________________________ (Parent)




Sworn to and signed before me, a Notary Public,

this _______ day of _______________, 20____

Notary Public Signature and Seal

As scubapete said, have this notarized. Both parents must sign the form!
The lawyer who drafted this form should be fired. I'm not a lawyer, yet I can see serious problems. Most significantly, this form fails to allow for deviations in the planned itinerary -- even rerouting to the same city on a later flight on the same day! -- that may become necessary due to weather or other circumstances. It also does not accommodate a situation in which the party must return home unexpectedly due to an emergency at home or some other unforeseen circumstance.

If it were my child (or if I were taking somebody else's child), I would type a letter with the following or similar wording.

I/we hereby grant permission for our child(ren), <name(s) of child(ren)> to travel on the attached with <name(s) of resposible adult(s)> on the dates shown, or on any deviation from the attached itinerary that may become necessary or prudent due to weather, outbreak of war or other hostilities, medical situations, or other unforeseeable circumstances that may arise until the party returns home.

I/we also grant permission for the same adult(s) to authorize any medical care that any of the child(ren) named above may require during the said trip.

I/we also grant grant to the same adult(s) power of attorney with regard to proceedings involving the child(ren) named above before any court or government official or any other legal matters that may arise during the trip, including retention of such legal counsel as they deem necessary or appropriate with respect to any situation that may arise during said trip.
I'm sure that a competent lawyer could improve on this wording, but I think that it covers all the bases.

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