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Default regarding mother daughter documents, dads permission letter

just read responses to mother daughter documents and letter needed from dad. i am taking my daughter on cruise. i am not married to dad and never have been and we have not seen him for a very long time. my daughter is 14. i do have legal custody of her. he had visitation rights, which is also called shared custody. of course he never really honored that in the way he was supposed to. sad to say i do no know where he is at this time. impossible to find actually and before cruise he will not be found. what happens in this case. i have her birth certificate, i can have copies of the custody agreement which gives me 95% of the time having her living with me and 5% of the time involving his visitation hours. it was done when she was a little baby and never changed.

what happens if a childs father is deceased or vanished. are you supposed to bring the death certificate with you. in the latter or in my case there is no proof or paper to show the situation. please out there, how many of you have dealt with this getting on board and what did you do? i would appreciate as many responses as possible. i am now getting concerned about this. thank you so much for your help.
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