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Hey, bhf108! Believe it or not, the higher you are, the less the center of gravity. I'll give you a prime example. First of all, I work for Carnival as a host. I was recently on the Miracle this past April when we did the relocation cruise from Miami to N.Y.. No guests and no rules for 2 straight days. It was going to be awesome! Non stop partying. Seriously. The dancers were going to perform a show for us, we were to eat in the main dining room with the professional waitstaff waiting on us, crew bingo, crew karaoke, etc... We were also warned about the 20 foot swells we were to encounter in the Atlantic and boy oh boy did we encounter them. When crew members get sick you know it's rough. I, myself, had a cabin on deck A, just below civilization, forward (front of the the ship). It got so bad, I had to move up to deck 4, midship to get any sort of sleep possible. It was still bad, don't get me wrong, but nothing could compare to being down below, forward. So, to make a long story short, if you're worried about motion sickness, the higher the better. Happy cruising!!
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