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I started the cruise game as a guest lecturer fo HAL and knew many aboard the line. Years later I still prefer HAL ships as there are few surprises, like say passengers falling from balconies. No surprises is a good thing when you are dragging your kiddo around the world. My newly minted teenage had his first birthday aboard HAL and is a veteran of 3 lines. He's also been at the helm of HAL cruise ships as well as excursion ships.

Know your obsession with particular ships, I'm on the Eurodam and Rotterdam this year just to finish HAL's line. Will actually miss half of my 16 day Rotterdam cruise in half as I have to use vacation to lead some scouts on a cavalcade next week. Let's see - horse around with my son and 9 scouts and sleep in a bedroll on the hard ground or cruise a second week on the Rotterdam and sleep on a eurotop bed? Sure going to miss that second week on the Rotterdam.

So all Ryndam departures in your window are full? need one sold in a block. I doubt all Ryndam cruises in the window will sail 100%. Try to google Ryndam, June and other keywords to fish up the group cruise blocks? Maybe a multiengine site like Sidestep or an airline site like SWA? Or one may pop up on a charity auction - E-bay?

**Looks like you can get on via Travelocity - did no go through to the end, but it shows space open on the short cruise.**

Originally Posted by littlemisscruiser
mr. divemaster,

your kindness is much appreciated but i've been to smartcruiser and they have no options for me, sadly.

unfortunately, it must be the ryndam on any of the dates mentioned - silly, i know!

you are quite an accomplished cruiser! my heavens! it appears that you enjoy holland america, why is this?
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