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Originally Posted by rinker250
Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by rinker250
Hey gang,
Tonight I am in the wonderful (not) town of Hayward, CA.

Heading home tomorrow but took the time to visit a BevMo.
BevMo is a discount liquor store that carries everything thing you can think of.
The cost of booze there is roughly 70% of what we pay in the tax and take states of OR/WA. Plus the liquor stores in the NW MIGHT have 3 or 4 brands of any given liquor.

I dropped 512.00 so I figger I saved about 200 some way good stuff.

Hey what are you doing Hellward gateway to San Leandro? My old stomping ground was Hayward. In fact I got my BS at Cal State Hayward (no comments from the peanut gallery). Cruzan Rum Single Barrel is the best rum ever.
I actually thought that San Leandro was the Gateway to Hayward (heading south). Used to have a shop on Davis...its now a Walmart.

Had to stay here because my usual place was booked. Hotel wasn't the daytime.

Only Rum I got was Parrot Bay...a few tequilas including Cabo Wabo.

and a bunch of premium vodkas.

Sould last a week or so.
Were you staying near east 14th or mission? Cause it gets strange over there are night. Next time I recommend you stay in Pleasanton much nicer.
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