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The reason I say "Pinnacle Ship Project" is because ever since Royal Caribbean came out with Voyager of the Seas Carnival has hinted about a major project they have on the drawing board called "the Pinnacle Project"

Carnival has (honestly speaking) be using the same basic ship designs for years now, and although all their ships vary greatly in interior design, as far as basic design goes they really only have three models:

The Fantasy-class, the Destiny-class and the Spirit-class.

They have changed these around minimally through the years, but even though they refer to newer ships like Conquest as newer classes, they are so close the previous classes it is hard to argue they are actually new.

That means Carnival hasn't made a completely new ship design since about 2000, and that most of their ships are based on the 1996 Destiny framework.

Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean innovated with Voyager, updated it significantly with Freedom, and now has Genesis - a completely new design, nearing completion.

I love you, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean, but anyone would have to agree Royal is more innovative (which may be why Carnival is more profitable?).

In any case - thi video came from Somewhere. It sho9ws a Carnival ship and starts with Fincantieri - the shipyard where Carnival builds all its ships and has invested in over the years.

Is this "Pinnacle?"
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