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Maybe I should clarify why my husband & I brought our own wine on the cruise...

We are Jewish & we needed Kosher wine to use for Shabbat/Kiddush on Friday night, Kiddush Saturday afternoon & Havdalah at sundown on Saturday (cruise lines typically don't offer Kosher wine; if they did, we would have no problem purchasing it).

We didn't need to use our wine because (without our asking), Norwegian (Pearl) was kind enough to provide us, along w/other passengers not only the use of their chapel, but Kosher wine as well!!! No other cruise line that we have sailed with has done that without being asked (they would say OK but then forget).

It was a much appreciated & very unexpected jesture! It was really nice because several passengers showed up at the chapel; some were Jewish & others were not, which was fine by me! Everyone is welcome. Norwegian had listed it under activities for the day.

I'm so glad my days of "smuggling" wine in my luggage are over
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