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Originally Posted by Karaokejoe1
It depends on the karaoke system they are using. Just ask them if the system will allow the key of a song to be raised or lowered. If they are using CD discs, you can bring your own for them to play. Have fun!
Unfortunately, we karaoke addicts are endanger of losing the priviledge of using our own CGDs.

The Paradise had a bunch of thugs several months ago come aboard and used their own CDGs in karaoke that was nothing but a bunch of vulgar rap crap. These karaoke sessions ( as you know) are not 21 or over and lots of families sit in there. And while some of the regular songs can get racey...they are nothing like this vulgar mess was.

These kinds of incidents (combined with some morons that complained that their precious CDGs got damaged or got mad because their Cdgs would not play on the system on other ships) has Carnival talking about restricting the karaoke hosts to system songs only.

One of the reasons I cruise is to sing karaoke. Unfortunately, where we live (in a town of 50,000) there are no karaoke places (can you believe it?). Memphis has some but they are very late night places that just are not where I would feel comfortable going. Carnival provides me with a safe (usually smoke free) place to do with I love.

However, I have a very limited vocal range. So while I do a wide variety of music, it must be in "my key". I have Custom CDGs that I have created from my computer so that all my songs are in my key. (I carry the originals with me to prove they are not bootlegged.) Also the selection on these ships is pathetic.

I have talked with Chris Prideaux to see if there is any way regular Carnival cruisers (like me) who will not cause problems or hold the KH or Carnival responsible if a CDG gets damaged...can still enjoy this priviledge.

I, for one, would be more than happy to sign any waiver to be able to sing the songs I love in the key I need them.

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