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On a related front, a local farmer has gone back to hitching up the team. He admits it's harder and takes much longer, but even after the cost of caring for the horses, the economic advantages are enormous given the astronomical rise in the cost of diesel.

Now it's got to the point that gasoline stations themselves are such money losers, that Exxon Mobil is unloading all of it's company owned stations. If there's no profit for the guy running the pump, we won't have to worry about cutting back our usage, because boarded up gas stations will do it for us.

It seems to me that it won't be that far off that in order to afford to cruise, one is going to have to reside within rickshaw distance of the port.

I can envision an Amish couple trotting along peacefully and the husband turning to his wife and saying, "You know Martha, they're not giving us those disdainful looks any more, are they?"

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