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Originally Posted by lysolqn
Originally Posted by Ron n Jon
Not being versed in the ways of the Casino, save for the 25-cent machines, can someone with an OnBoardCredit not use it to purchase Casino chips?

If so there is a readily available source of conversion of the OBC to dollars when cashing them in.
Hope someone answers that question because that would be one relatively easy way of getting the dollars back.

BTW, I've tried calling RCCL customer service for a definitive answer. The first rep said unused OBC can only be used toward a future cruise. That sounded way out in left field so I called again and was told unused OBC belongs to the cruise line. That didn't exactly sound like the definition of "fair," so I called again and was told that unused OBC is posted on your credit card as a credit. Three calls, three different answers.
The last answer is actually correct. It shows as a credit on your SeaPass statement.
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