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Originally Posted by CA Cruiser
If I understand this correctly, lysolqn stated they are getting OBC for booking. To me, this is free money to spend on board only. I don't believe if they have any OBC left, they will credit their CC since it didn't originate from there.
I am with you: OBC should just to be used on the ship. It is free money (doesn't matter where it comes from) and should have no cash value.

But as I said: I believe they credit your credit card if there is any money left. One of the reasons most likely is that the OBC is listed as a credit on your SeaPass statement thus flows into the calculation of your SeaPass account.

The way RCI is handling OBC I don't think they can refuse a credit back to the credit card.

What they should do is add the OBC listed at the end of the trip and in case the OBC is greater than the spending the rest will be gone.
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